Friend Family’s governing board provides leadership and guidance in support of the health center’s mission.

A majority of our board members are served by the health center and, as a group, represent the patients we serve.

Executive Committee

  • Sean Harden, Chairman
  • Carlos Meyers, Vice-Chairman
  • Arshele Stevens, Treasurer
  • Maria McManus, EdD, Secretary
  • Joanne Glenn, RN
  • Tommie Arnold, Jr.
  • Dr. Clifford Claiborne
  • Chandra L. Holts
  • Judy Juarez, PhD
  • Glenn Landmesser
  • Ethel Hall-Langworthy
  • Regina Moffett
  • Sabrina Patch, Esq.
  • Dr. Andre Rawls
  • Jewel Thompson
  • Bernie Wiley
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