Patient Rights and Responsibilities

  • To receive quality medical and dental care regardless of your age, sex, religion, national origin, sexual preference, disability, health status or ability to pay.
  • To be treated with respect by Friend Family Health Center.
  • To information contained in your medical record. You also have the right to participate in decisions involving your health care.
  • To personal privacy. Any discussion, consultation, examination and/or treatment regarding your care will be done discreetly.
  • To confidentiality of your medical record and other information related to your medical condition.
  • To be seen in a safe and clean environment.
  • To have special needs met, such as an interpreter to help with communication.
  • To appoint a person to make health care decisions on your behalf in the event you lose the ability to do so.
  • To make advance directives regarding your medical care and have them honored.
  • To file a complaint about your care without fear of penalty, to have your complaint reviewed, and when possible, resolved.
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